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415 152-7363 / 415 152-7364
US cell/WhatsApp: 956.800.3029 or MX cell/WhatsApp: 81.1467.1165

Thomas Waring and Lucía Garza are real estate agents with RE/MAX Colonial in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.   This emerging power couple brings many advantages to perspective buyers, sellers, and investors. Thó, as he is affectionately called by his friends and colleagues, has an investment and finance background. He has been actively engaged in the real estate market since 1998. And a full-time investor and developer since 2000. His family has lived in Mexico for over 25 years. Lucia relocated from Monterrey several years ago. She has advanced degrees in engineering and science and holds a PhD.  Her professional career includes investment experience with fix and flips in Monterrey as well as business consulting with her father.

There are 3 things that make this couple unique in San Miguel: 1.  Helpful:  Their motto: "be the gift to other people."  

2. Reliability: They do what they say and say what they do. They are organized, time conscious, and customer focused.

3.  Candid, direct, and honest:  And in this complicated world, isn't it refreshing to find business folks that are these things?

From Thó:  "We like to help people. That’s a foundation for our personal life and it applies directly and perfectly in our business life.  Also, we enjoy being ambassadors to our beautiful and very special town of SMA. 90% of what we do has nothing to do with real estate:  you'll find us to be an excellent resource and always willing to help."

Lucia enjoys running, yoga, and time in the gym. She's committed to eating well and taking care of herself. Loves to read and enjoys time with her partner Thó and looks after her mother.

Thó in addition to being an agent is also a real estate developer with 7 completed and successful projects in Mexico. He's an early riser in an avid reader of economic and financial data. He enjoys watching the markets and as well-versed on a variety of topics.


"Thomas Waring and his partner Lucia, our agents, with the support of the REMAX Colonial Agency, were “over the top” in services to meet our needs.  Under difficult time restraints, the house was sold in 1 week and closed 3 weeks later AT FULL ASKING PRICE. Their communication during the whole process was spectacular.  We knew what was happening the on an almost day to day basis.  They have a wonderful team to help you from listing to closing."  - Mike Koen


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